"Tagaytay City: The Resort, Retirement, and Character City"

The City is envisioned to be a Retirement Haven, Resort and Character City, with a government geared towards excellence and supported by disciplined, honest, God-centered, healthy and united community.


We shall expand and improve our infrastructures thereby securing a dynamic, sate, peaceful and healthy environment conducive to retirement, learning, sports, religious activities and healthy tourism enterprises;

We strive for service excellence through continuous learning on service improvement with emphasis on positive character qualities to serve our people better and leave a legacy that our family and community will be approve of;

We encourage the participant by our stakeholders in crafting and implementing plans, programs, and activities to better address the needs of our people;

We shall be fully dedicated to the preservation and further enrichment of our environment;

We shall strive for excellence in all that we do driven by strength and good character and seek to be competitive to the best in the world.

Core Values

1. Discipline

2. Honesty

3. Healthiness

4. God-Centeredness

5. Excellence

6. Unity

7. Preservation and enrichment of environment (Ecological Balance)