Business Permit and Licensing

Securing Business Permit     (Show)


ALL ENTERPRISES are required to secure a Business License and Mayor's Permit, and pay business taxes before the start of commercial operations. The License must be renewed from January 1 to 20, every year. Penalties are imposed after this period.

Business taxes for new enterprises are based on capitalization. Those for succeeding years are computed as a percentage of gross receipts/sales. Payments may be made annually, semi-annually or quarterly. Taxes are due on the first 20 days of each quarter.

It takes a minimum of 2 days to process new applications. This already includes the requisite inspection and clearances from various offices and government agencies.

Renewal of licenses may take 30 minutes or 2 hours depending on the results of verification made by Local Revenue Collection Officer. Verification determines whether an applicant still has to secure clearances from various offices (building, zoning, fire and/or sanitary). Processing of licenses for these applicants will take approximately 2 hours. Otherwise, only 30 minutes are required to secure a license.


    -Fill in and submit the application form with attached documentary requirements for verification and assessment.

STEP 2. PAYMENT (Land tax Division, 1st Floor)
    -Present the statement of account (SOA) for payment of business permit.

STEP 3. RELEASING (Admin Office, 2nd Floor)
    -Present the application form, official receipt of business tax and all the documentary requirements for releasing of business permit.



1. Zoning/Locational Clearance
2. DTI (if Sole proprietorship)/SEC Registration (if Partnership or Corporation or CDA (if Cooperative)
3. Barangay Clearance
4. Sanitary Permit
5. A. Tax Clearance (RPT)
    B. For Leased Premises
        Lease Contract/Lessors Permit
6. Fire Inspection Certificate (after billing)
7. Working Permit (if applicable)
8. Liability Insurance (if applicable)
9. Professional Tax (if applicable)
10. CCTV Certificate from PNP ((if applicable)
11. Billboard Permit (if applicable)
12. Tourism Accreditation (if applicable)
13. Character Seminar (if applicable)

1. Photocopy of Previous Income Tax Return (ITR)
2. Barangay Clearance
3. Sanitary Permit
4. A. Tax Clearance (RPT)
    B. For Leased Premises
        Lease Contract/Lessors Permit
5. Fire Inspection Certificate (after billing)
6. Working Permit (if applicable)
7. Liability Insurance (if applicable)
8. Professional Tax (if applicable)
9. CCTV Certificate from PNP ((if applicable)
10. Billboard Permit (if applicable)
11. Tourism Accreditation (if applicable)
12. Character Seminar (if applicable)

1. Request letter signed by the Owner
    -addressed to Ms. Evelyn M. Escamillas, City Treasurer
2. Certificate of Closure form Barangay
3. Original Copy of latest Business Permit
4. Business Plate
5. Cancellation of DTI (if applicable)


Application form for Business Permit

Locational Clearance Form

Securing Working Permit     (Show)


All employees working for private establishments are required to secure Mayor's Clearance. The Mayor's Clearance must be renewed annually (for those who will secure Working Permit). Payments may be made upon securing Mayor's Clearance. It takes a minimum 10-15 minutes. This already includes verification of clearances from various offices and government agencies.


1. Barangay Clearance
2. Police Clearance
3. Medical Clearance
4. Court Clearance
5. Fiscal Clearance
6. Official Receipt from City Treasurers Office
7. Mayor's Referral (if not Tagaytay Residents)


1. BPLO staff gives client the needed requirements
2. As soon as client completes requirements a staff verifies correctness and completeness of the requirements
3. BPLO staff gives application form for Working Permit
4. After completing the Application form, client proceeds to City Administrator's Office for signature
5. As soon as Working Permit signed, client gives BPLO a copy of the signed Working Permit for records purposes

Securing a Certification of No Existing Business       (Show)


This services is particularly applicable to all constituents of tagaytay city who are indigent but deserving and qualified students who will avail of scholarship program offered by the City Government of Tagaytay and to those who are applying for Special Program for Employment of Students(SPES)


1. Barangay Clearance
2. Certification of indigency from respective barangays and/or Certification of indigency from City Social Welfare and Development Office
3. Affidavit of No Existing Business under the name of clients


1. Clients completes the requirements
2. As soon as completed, client submits all the requirements for checking and verification if there is really no existing business under client's name
3. BPLO staff prepares the Certification
4. BPLO head approves the certification
5. Release of the Certification